Monday, April 7, 2008


Die Osterferien verbrachten wir in Florida. In Pompano Beach bei Fort Lauderdale hatten wir eine Ferienwohnung in Strandnähe gemietet. Von da aus haben wir viele Ausflüge gemacht und sind später auch nach Key West gefahren. Es ist die schönste Reisezeit für Florida, leider aber auch sehr teuer, da Hauptsaison. Zum Glück konnten wir den "Springbrakern" gut ausweichen. In Miami Beach haben wir die College Kids gesehen.

We spend 2 weeks in Florida. For one week we rented a little studio in Pompano Beach , Fort Lauderdale. We made some trips and even got to see Key West. The weather couldn't be nicer, we had but sunshine and very warm temperatures. Because of Spring Break Season it was a little bit more crowded than usual.

We rented a Midsize Car and chose a very big one.

One afternoon we we took an airboat tour in the Everglades. At first we visited their Reptile Zoo. This is a baby alligator about 3 years old.

Everglades Landscape.

Blue Heron

Marie trying to take pictures.

At Sawgrass Mills we went shopping for a whole day. You can't visit all interesting shops in one day.

Impressions of Key West

The chickens are protected on Key West. Make sure to wear ear plugs, when you stay overnight.


Flowers in georgious colors .

Cat nap at a Ben Franklins Store.

On the road...

Miami Beach walk.

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